Livestreaming on Distributor Sites

Increase sales by allowing distributors to conduct Zoom-like meetings and Facebook-like lives directly from their distributor sites. Let’s Talk The physical and digital worlds have put aside their differences to create the phygital; a truly omnichannel experience for your customers. 15 minutes is all it takes to see a working demo… 30 if you’re chatty. […]

Let’s Get Phygital!

“Getting phygital” is how companies can offer a personalized, omnichannel experience. Okay, Olivia Newton-John did not encourage us to Get Phygital but it was too tempting to pass up! So, Let’s Get Phygital! But what is Phygital? In theory, phygital can be used to describe anything that crosses or eliminates the line between the physical […]

Direct Selling in the Digital Age

If Uber or Lyft operated like many direct selling companies, their drivers would spend more time “figuring stuff out” than driving. It’s crucial to find & implement technology that all of your distributors will use. Did you know? Nearly 90% of distributors work fewer than 30 hours On average, distributors have less than 10 customers […]