Livestream Shopping for Retail & E-Commerce

Grow sales. Strengthen brand loyalty. Reduce returns.

If Aladdin ran an online store, these would have been his wishes. But you don't need wishes when you can do all three with livestreaming e-commerce.

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The Bloo Kanoo Digital Personalization Suite

We offer livestreaming retail solutions for every need. Find your ideal live commerce solution.


Imagine you could get on a live video call with a customer to answer questions and show them products that they can put directly in their cart without leaving the call.

Now, imagine this was all happening on your existing online store, without requiring your customer to download an app or separate livestreaming platform. Offering retail live services can instantly elevate the shopping experience for your customers and help your team sell more.

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Have you ever been on a video conference like Zoom or Teams and thought, "I wish I could run a call like this from my website that customers could easily join and just show people products that are already on my online store that they could buy without leaving the video call."?

Us too. So we built it.

Our e-commerce livestreaming platform allows you to create an intimate yet efficient shopping platform for your customers. Improve conversion rates by connecting with more customers in real-time.


Livestreams like Facebook Live and Instagram Live have become an essential part of online marketing, but capturing those buyers can be difficult. It's kind of like eating ice cream with your hands. What doesn't melt away tastes great, but it's a real mess.

Bloo Kanoo is here to help with a one-to-many retail livestreaming solution. Improve the live streaming experience and create branded livestream events to enhance the customer experience and improve sales.

Would you like a cup or a cone?

Shoppable Recordings

Just adding video to your site will help you increase sales. Adding shoppable videos will help you increase sales even more, AND increase average order values.

Video content is a great complement to your live retail offerings. It's like your website got a pay raise for doing the same job it's always done. Who doesn't like a promotion?

Bring Your Shopping Experience to the 21st Century

Today’s customers are seeking more than the basic online shopping experience.

Live retail shopping channels are changing the way consumers are purchasing products and interacting with your brand.

Livestreaming retail is a great way to connect with your consumers and create value for your brand. Shoppers trust your live retail to:

  • Ask questions about your products and services
  • Learn more about your brand
  • Get tips and tricks for using your products
  • Make purchases

Differentiate your brand from the bunch by creating an entertaining, personalized shopping experience with retail live streaming.

Options to Fit Your Business

With three different solutions, you’re sure to find a live retail solution that meets the needs of your business.


  • Easy Website Integration
  • Up to 3 users
  • 500 Video Hours Included
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  • Everything from Starter
  • Up to 10 Users
  • Branded Invite URL
  • 1500 Video Hours Included
  • Reduced Cost Per Hour Over 1500
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  • Everything from Pro
  • Unlimited Users
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Lowest Cost Per Hour
  • White-labeled Mobile App and Invite URL
  • Works with Affiliate Sellers
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A Whole New World

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