Sell while you sleep with shoppable video on your own ecommerce platform

Let customers purchase directly from your shoppable videos using your own ecommerce platform. With bkSTREAM, customers add products to their carts in-video! There’s no need to integrate with other platforms.

With BK Stream, we are tearing down the barriers that stand between your customers and your product. As they’re watching your video, they can click on the featured product and add it to their cart–without ever pausing the video. They are able to be entertained and informed by your video, but it’s a shoppable video platform.

Whether you’re selling anything from a cast iron frying pan to a cashmere sweater to a digital 3D graphic download, all you have to do is use this shoppable video software and insert the option to buy the product right into the video. Then as the customer is watching you cook on that cast iron pan, wear that sweater around town, or use that 3D graphic, your customer can click on the link and add it to the cart.

Creating shoppable video is something that we used to only imagine was possible. Marketers used to wish they could create a “Buy” button during commercials so while you’re enticing your customers with that beautiful sweater you can immediately convert their attention into sales. The more time that passes after a customer watches a video, the less likely they are to buy, so you need to grab that purchase NOW, and you do that through our interactive shoppable videos.


bkSTREAM is frictionless, shoppable video. Your customers can buy directly from your videos with ease, no matter what your ecommerce platform.

For ecommerce, shoppable video is the next leap forward in innovation. People right now can buy things during live streams–and that’s great–but what about when you’re not streaming? With bkSTREAM’s shoppable video streaming app customers can buy during video ads, purchasing products immediately, no waiting.


bkSTREAM is easy to implement, and easier to use.

Shoppable video is a powerful force in ecommerce. bkSTREAM makes it simple to use. Turn your video into a seamless add-to-cart shopping experience on your existing ecommerce platform.

This shoppable ecommerce video drives conversions because it takes away the gap in time between when someone sees a product and when they can buy the product. Don’t let them watch a video and click away without buying. Customer engagement happens while they watch in real time, so let the customer experience allow for purchasing while the product is on screen.

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