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Join the affiliate program for Bloo Kanoo—the cutting-edge livestream shopping platform designed to revolutionize online selling. Whether it’s a one-person operation or a global enterprise, Bloo Kanoo is the perfect addition to over 25 million online stores looking to enhance their digital footprint.

Unlock a steady stream of monthly recurring income, earning an impressive 40% commission on every active account that registers through your unique affiliate ID. This means that each referral has the potential to contribute to your earnings month after month, fostering a reliable and growing income as you continue to introduce more businesses to the Bloo Kanoo experience.

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Why Partner with Bloo Kanoo?

  • Capitalize on the Livestream Shopping Boom: As livestream shopping becomes a staple in the online market, positioning these services to your audience opens the door to significant earning potential through our lucrative commission structure.
  • Value for Online Stores: Bolster the value proposition for your network’s online business with a tool that boosts order values, minimizes returns, and elevates customer satisfaction and engagement.
  • Seamless Compatibility: Bloo Kanoo integrates effortlessly with various platforms including Shopify, WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Ecwid, Salesforce, custom websites, and more.
  • Diversified Use Cases: From small businesses to side hustlers, mid-sized firms, and large corporations—Bloo Kanoo is the versatile solution to countless online selling challenges.

The Advantages for Affiliates

  • High Commission Rates: Earn a considerable income for every successful recommendation.
  • Exponential Market Growth: Be an early promoter in the rapidly growing domain of livestream shopping.
  • Marketing & Sales Support: Gain access to a plethora of promotional materials and comprehensive support to maximize your success.

Ready to Start Earning?

Whether you’re reaching out to the humble family-run store or an internationally-operating online giant, Bloo Kanoo is the sought-after solution they need. This isn’t just a chance to join a trend—it’s your opportunity to be at the forefront of the livestream shopping revolution.

  1. Click the Sign-Up button to join Bloo Kanoo’s affiliate program.
  2. Promote the platform to your audience and demonstrate its impact on online commerce.
  3. Earn commissions for driving successful integrations of Bloo Kanoo on a multitude of e-commerce platforms.

Don’t wait another moment—tap into this emerging market today and watch your commissions soar as you bring state-of-the-art shopping experiences to millions.

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